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I saw this DIY project the other day and I thought it was a cool and great way to use empty beer bottles.  I personally don’t drink beer but I would do make a Miller Lite chandelier for my boyfriend.  You can also buy beer bottle chandeliers online but they are expensive so this is a fun and cheap way to make your own.  To make one you will need about 14 to 20 bottle per chandelier.  You can either use colored Christmas lights or the plain white lights.  You will also need stucco wire corner pieces, one piece makes 3 to 4 chandeliers.  You can get the stucco wire corner pieces from Home Depot, they are heavy wire, braided and reinforced to hold up the corner of a stucco wall.  To make the wire easier to cut you will want to buy real wire cutters if you don’t have any, they are cheap.  Flatten the corner pieces buy stepping on them.  Cute the flattened strips into thirds  or into fourths for bigger chandeliers.  Use a round hard bottle like a wine bottle to bend the wire into a circle.  Line up the wire pattern where it overlaps, kind of like a spiral as big as the wine bottle.  Use the end of the wire cutter and bend the ends of the wire around the loops so it does not unravel.  Next, to be safe, you will want to wear heavy gloves.  Prepare the openings for your beer bottles by using the wire cutters to make an opening for each beer bottle by snipping the straight, reinforcing wires.  Make sure the openings are not too loose and the best way of doing that is jamming the tip of the bottle in there so it fits snug.  Next string the lights and secure them with tape.  Start with the end of the Christmas lights you plug in and secure the plug with tape so it is accessible.  Then, from the inside of the ring of wire, put loops of lights with four lights each through each beer bottle hole, and secure each loop with tape (not against the wire).  Secure each bottle around the neck where it exits the wire with a good amount of tape. The more tape, the less mobile the bottles. Then, make a hanger with wire or string and attach to four points around the chandelier.  Then you are ready to hang it any where you would like.  What I wanted to do was hang the chandeliers over a party or dance floor and since these are heavy you might want to use a rope.  I am definitely doing this for my boyfriends house.  Something fun to do with friends on a weekend!

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